Introspection: The False Self

The False Self: A conceptualized version of one's identity based on partial and distorted memories of the Observing Self, The Instructing Self, and the countess, known and unknown, influences and external factors that interact with the Self, including direct, indirect, and unrelated consequences of events associated with the Self. 

The 3 Parts of The Self

1. The Observing Self
aka The Stream of Consciousness

2. The Instructing Self

-- The 'I' has less than 1% control over the instructing self
-- The Instructing self is affected by the past
-- by beliefs (false and factual)
-- By 3rd party actions, influences, and beliefs
-- By society
-- by hormones, brain chemistry, energy levels
-- by mood
-- by location
-- by weather
-- by incomplete information and ignorance
-- by actions, influences, and external factors that occur prior to, during the thought process of the decision of instruction, and during the execution and process of the act

-- The self is not the brain, not the mind, not the body, not the thoughts, and not the actions... However all of these affect the instructions provided by the Instructing Self

3. The False Self (aka the conceptualized, remembering, interpreting, and evaluating self)

-- The self based on false and distorted memories provided by the Observing Self, Instructing Self, and numerous other factors

-- It is the self of the past that consists of environmental and external influences that one has no control of

-- It is the interpretation (which is always incomplete and always partially inaccurate) and the memories created after the Observing Self observes the Instucting Self. Memories which are constantly changing with time.

-- The False Self gives more value to a small percentage of any action and gives a greater weight to overly negative moments and final moments of a moment, series of moments, or event, which would be the freshest (or strongest) in the memory when the False Self creates it's initial interpretation of an event

-- 3rd party memories, interpretations, assessments, and verbal and non verbal inputs further distort the False Self

-- The False Self is influenced by unknown events that occur as a consequence of events that happen, that may be related to the initial observation or instruction but not part of it (or an insignificant part), may have happened near the same time period, or be an unrelated event all together that gets intertwined within the memory of the observation and instruction.

-- The False Self is who we often define ourselves as.  The false self is an extremely infinitesimal and immeasurably minute part of the self and reality. It is by definition False.

-- It is important to reject the False self as part of reality and part of one's identity.

-- The Observing Self is the most accurate self, which itself, only exist during the moment of observation, and the Observing Self is only able to observe a minute part of all that is related to what is being observed.

There is no True or Accurate Self. If there was a True and Accurate Self, it would be impossible to know what it is since there is no way to separate The Self from all factors that interact with The Self.