Introspection: There is no "I"

I am not my mind, not my body, not my thoughts, nor am I my emotions. I am not my past, not my memories, nor am I any type of perception or belief. I am not a set of characteristics and qualities. I am nothing, yet I am everything. 

There is no "I"

Everything in the past is over. The past no longer exists.  Nothing in the future has happened yet. The only "I" that exists is a present stream of consciousness; a stream of consciousness that cannot be defined by the past or the future. One that can not be defined by societal rules and norms. One that can not be defined by perceptions and false realities. It is a stream of consciousness that exists only in the present moment; void of definition. 

I am ever changing. I cannot be constrained by a definition, because I am constantly evolving, growing, learning, and morphing into the next undefinable version of "me". 

"I" cannot be defined 
"I" cannot be labeled
"I" do not fit within a set of rules

I will not be constrained by the limitations of the past or the future. I will not be constrained or defined based on observations, opinions, or beliefs. I will not be constrained by assumptions or ignorance. 

My mind is capable of feeling all emotions ranging from every extreme; capable of experiencing thoughts and sensations that knows no boundaries. I am not within a defined spectrum. 

Millions of cells within me die and are created everyday. The matter that creates my brain and my body is physically a different entity than it was yesterday. The matter of the mind that creates my thoughts and emotions is physically a different entity. The neuro-connections within my brain are physically changing and creating new connections every day.  

Their is nothing constant about "me". There is no "I". 

Millions of living organisms share this body with me. I am not alone. I am connected. My life is connected. My life is inter-dependent to the lives of millions of organisms. Millions of lives within me die everyday. Millions of lives are born within me everyday.  "I" am one of many. There is no "I". 

The only fact about "I" is that I am Boundless.   I Am Free.